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AI and Robotics Solutions

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics is a common topic. However, experts are hard to come by. We offer you our expertise in cutting edge research and lots of industrial experience.

As we manage AI and robotic driven projects, we have grown to be quite experienced in these fields. If you are interested in starting such a project for your business and need a project manager that knows the ins and outs of AI projects, you have come to the right place.


  • Experts in IBM Watson Services
  • Experts in Microsoft Cognitive Services
  • Experienced in leading cognitive projects for enterprises
  • Experts in state of the art of artificial intelligence
  • Experts in the use, development and repair of SoftBank robots (Nao/Pepper)

In order to make deep learning as efficient and accurate as possible, you need a lot of data. Sometimes the data is present and accessible in a structured form, but this is not always the case. In the age of digitization every company will eventually reach the point of needing to record data for a machine learning purpose. We have already successfully led many projects from the ground up with or without data given.


  • Ground up data science setup for your company
  • Management and maintenance of running data science projects
  • Evaluation and training of complex feature sets with deep learning

If you own an intelligent robot you are already aware of the first truth: Robots are not perfect. They might never get tired, or ill, or bored or lazy, but they sure as hell have their own type of problems. Here is where we can help, with our years long experience with lots of robotic systems, we can help you and your robot to stay productive!


  • Support and repair with hardware damage
  • Support with maintaining manufacturer contact
  • Support and maintenance of software applications on the platform

If you already have a project running that involves chatbots, robots, or artificial intelligence and need help pushing it forward, we can consult you to successfully finish the project. We are happy to lend you our experience and knowledge to make your project the most impressive and innovative project you have ever done!


  • Short term consulting for active projects
  • Consulting to start new project involving AI or robotics
  • Enhancing already finished projects