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We continue to grow and need new members to join the team!

The Blackout Team 2018

We are quite a young and dynamic team, but that does not necessarily mean you need to be young as well! We would also appreciate adding your experience to the team. You should, however be able to integrate into a young and dynamic team.

As with all modern teams, we expect you to come with the standard soft skills such as communication, independence, and ability to work on a team. We do not require more than is needed for our projects, which means we expect you to work freely with a minimal amount of direction.

In addition to the team, we work with a lot of industrial partners. You can expect to work with corporations like IBM, Microsoft and Google.

We are rapidly expanding, so if you do your job well, the possibilities are endless! You could even travel around the world or settle down as regional manager of one of Blackout’s branches.

We offer a lot of fun while working. One of our core ideals is to provide our employees with his/her dream job. That might not happen all the time, and maybe not from the beginning on, but with enough time we aim to mold you your perfect position in the world.

Although our headquarters is located in northern Germany, we travel across Europe and around the world. If you like traveling, and your position allows you to be on the move, you will have a lot of amazing opportunities to travel for work.

Our team is very international, the main language in the office is English. However, a majority of our customers are German. Depending on your position you might not need German knowledge, but English is required.

Take a look at the job openings below and then drop us a message at jobs(at)

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Job TypeDescriptionSkills Required
Data ScientistWe are looking for an enthusiastic Data Scientist who is willing to make the impossible possible! Especially in Germany, businesses most often don’t start out with an ideal situation in respect to the amount and/or quality of data, so we have to support our customers to come up with the best Data Strategies for their respective business. We want to enable people to get the best out of Machine or Deep Learning and to utilize AI in the most advanced ways. What we are also looking for in our new Data Scientist is the ability to think outside the box and to make connections to many different business areas. We also handle a lot of data in German and English, so those are the two most important languages for us. Also some development skills would be handy!Deep Learning Machine Learning NLP/NLU English German Python
Webdeveloper with working experienceWe are looking for someone who is looking for a new challenge in an spirited team in a young company, working with big-ass clients. If you know your way around Javascript, HTML, CSS3, MongoDB, proper documentation and project management as well as maybe even heard of Docker or Micro Services, then you’ll be fitting just right.JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, Docker, Micro Services, Project Management
Jack of all tradesWe are looking for an skilled developer with an robotic affinity who knows their way around App Developement on Android and iOS. If that sounds interesting to you, drop us a message.Python, Android, iOS, NodeJS, (naoQi), (ROS)