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We design and develop specially tailored solutions for robots and smart home devices.

Sentient Personalities

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Cutting edge A.I. Technology

We at Blackout Technologies employ state of the art artificial neuronal networks and cutting edge natural language processing and understanding to build sentient personalities for human interaction. We specially tailor our sentient personalities and deploy them with designated purpose on robots and smart home solutions.

Natural Language Understanding

We utilise IBM Watsons natural language processing and conversation services to implement fluent speech.

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Machine Learning

Our own cloud based artificial neuronal networks are trained for the customers needs. With this technology our sentient personalities are able to adapt to your own personality.

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Sentient Personality

Our A.I. personalities are not only passive like Siri, they know your daily schedule and remind you what you have to do. walis is our second virtual personality specially tailored for healthcare in elderly homes.

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Sentient Robots

Running on Pepper and Nao

Our target is to build sentient social robots for human interection. All our personalities are usable in robots by SoftBank Robotics. Although our smart home solution walis is mostly used in smart devices like our allspark, but he is also able to enhance a humanoid robot like Pepper. All our personalities are adaptable to a wide range of interfaces, not only to humanoid robots or smart devices like allspark.


Blackout Technologies' fast-learning, innovative personal coach. Available in a smart home edition and with an elderly care upgrade. walis is highly interconnectable to a braod range of devices, not only mobile phones and tablets, but does support a wide range of smart home devices. walis is usable in unison with the allspark, but also with other smart home solutions.

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Our robotic sales agent. Meant to be shipped in a humanoid robot, either Pepper or Nao by SoftBank Robotics. Each rosa personality is specially tailored to your businesses needs, additionally, as rosa is an AI, she is learning by doing and improves constantly.

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The allspark is an inhouse developed hardware and Blackout Technologies' answer to the growing smart home market. Our allspark is using IBM Bluemix Services™ and have a couple of advantages in comparison to other smart home solutions.

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Teaming Up and Collaborations

Team Up 2 Improve

Blackout Technology is part of various programs, for example the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program. We do believe that one improves most by interaction with others and hence participate regularly in competitions and get-togethers. We also do our best to support students from Bachelors to PhDs. If you are interessted in robotics and artifical intelligence or, for that matter, cutting edge technology in general and you have some clever ideas, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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